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Welcome to the Campaign Opposing Unflued Gas Heaters (COUGH). We are committed to the removal of unflued gas heating in NSW public school classrooms and facilities.















COUGH spokeswoman Jo Keown talks about why the campaign is critical to the health of children and staff in schools 28/2/12 (interview starts around two thirds of the way along):



Both unflued and flued heaters carry risks. This video talks about why it's critical to service all gas heaters properly and features a heartbreaking interview with parents who lost children to carbon monoxide poisoning in Victoria:


The Dangers of Un-flued Gas Heaters in NSW Public School Classrooms from David Brazil on Vimeo

Asthma NSW has produced a series of videos about the issue



Students left out in the cold:


What's Happening Now?

Media Release

28 February 2012: Government announcement on unflued gas heaters in schools provides more

questions than answers  Download our latest media release in response to Adrian Piccoli's announcement here.

February 2012 Update

COUGH is extremely disappointed by the release of the 2011 NSW Government’s Environmental Health Risk Assessment of School Heating Options report (ERM).

This report concludes that ‘on the basis of the results of the specialist studies it is concluded that unflued gas heaters do not need to be replaced’ and ‘there is no urgency to replace unflued gas heaters’.


Tell Us Your Story

Are you someone who has benefited from the replacement program?

Tell us your story so we can share it and let others know how important it is to you that unflued gas heaters were replaced at your school. Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"Knowing my asthmatic son was not going to be exposed to dangerous emissions in the classroom has meant I am confident that when I send my child to school the environment will be supporting him and his education. It is impossible to measure the peace of mind this brings a parent. Suzanne Roth

"What a difference to the internal air quality our new heaters have made - no longer do we walk in to school on a cold morning to an environment reeking of poisonous fumes! It's such a relief knowing that our classrooms are free of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other toxic exhausts. What's really remarkable is how long our kids had to put up with it, six hours a day, and for months on end in our long cold season. I feel for those schools who are still fighting for a safe environment for their staff and students." Simone Ford


Please visit the Asthma Foundation website and complete a two-click survey on the replacement of unflued gas heaters in public schools. Click here to see new videos and information and complete the survey so results can be presented to the government!



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